Absolute Beginners Courses Level I

The course for complete novice.

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Improver Courses Level II

The course build on Fundamental Elements Level I.


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Intermediate Courses Level III

An in depth study of Tango Figures


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Extensive program of tailor dance workshops over the weekends.


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Taster Lesson
Taster Session

Find out if Argentine Tango is for you.


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An improvised social dance with a rich musical heritage!

Absolute Beginners Course

Our Absolute Beginners Class is perfect for those with little or no experience, or those looking
to start from scratch again...


Absolute Beginners 6-week Course!

Progressive lessons for Absolute Beginner

The 6-Week Progressive course is designed to help you master the fundamental elements of
Argentine Tango. It provides a solid foundation for the dance and serves as a springboard for
further studies at other level. Tango Fundamental is the foundation of the dance and all our
.other Argentine Tango courses.

The fundamental elements is presented in an easy-to-learn format that will allow you to start
dancing socially, confidently with ease, in a relatively short time.

Course Content

The following will be covered:

  • Posture, Balance and Axis
  • The embrace and its variations, practice, open and close
  • Weight changes, walking and rock-steps
  • Basic Techniques
  • Concept & Technique of leading & following (Two-way communication and three-way Process)
  • Principles of navigation and tango etiquette

Beginners Skills Development

  • Good Posture and Balance
  • Dancing in open and close embrace
  • Leading & Following
  • Walking in regular, half and double time
  • Basic Tango movement
  • Body awareness, alignment, Body movement & Dissociation
  • Improve coordination of head, arms and body
  • La Cruzada (cross)
  • Pivots & Ochos
  • Ocho Cortado & rock step turns

A Guide to What to Wear, Bring and Know

Here are a few things you may need to consider:

Footwear and Clothing

Most dancers tend to dress down for class, wearing something casual,easy to move in, only
a smaller number dress up for class.

There is no need to purchase special clothes or shoes for your first lessons We recommend that you
do not wear clothing that restricts your movement or shoes that have firm grips on the soles,
such as trainers. The ideal shoes and clothing:


Court shoes with a small strong heel - No stilettos, sandals, platforms or trainers. We recommend
comfortable clothing (layers, leggings), Skirts should not inhibit your stride or be too long and billowy.


Smooth material or Leather-soled shoes with/without a slight heel - no trainers.

Beginners Course Progression

To Fundamental Elements Level II>>

More Information

If you need further information, you can contact us by telephone, text
or email and I would be happy to provide the relevant information.

Phone: 07883-540-995


Every Sunday

Sunday Schedule/Time Course Title/Level
06:00 - 7:00pm Taster Session (first Sunday of the month)
07:00 - 8:00pm Absolute Beginner Level
08:15 - 9:15pm Improver/Intermediate Level
09:15 -10:00pm Guided Practica
10:30 - Late Dancing till late (Last couple on the dance floor)
(Hallmark only)

Pricing & General Policies

  • Each class series costs £60 per person. Payment is required in advance for the first class and is non-refundable.
  • No partner is needed for most classes. Classes that require a partner will explicitly say so in the description.
  • All classes have limited enrolment and you need to preregister and pay online (new students) using this links.
  • Existing students can register and pay for the next Class series any during class evenings.
  • Class series are progressive and six weeks long. Drop-ins are generally not allowed.
  • Registration is allowed up to the second week of the new series
  • Each class is an hour long with 45 minutes guided practica.
  • If you have taken at least one complete series of the Fundamental Elements Level I-II, you may re-take this
    (at no extra charge) in addition to the class in appropriate level.

Booking & Payment

Advance booking and payment is required in advance before the start of the course.

There are a number of ways to book and pay for your course, through secure online booking system
(new students) with credit/Debit card and during class evening (existing students only). Simply pick
the course and method that's right for you. We will confirm your place only when payment has been

St. Stephens Church Hall Bournemouth

Bournemouth Town Centre venue, just five minutes walk from the Square,on the main M1 and m2 Bus Routes.

Medium size studio and a large main hall with a sprung, maple dance floor.

St. Stephens Church Hall Bournemouth
St. Stephen's Way.
Bournemouth. BH2 6JZ

Direction and Google map: Please click here for a map to the venue.

Dele is the resident dance instructor at Bournemouthtango and BPATS, a Dorset based
tango dance school offering classes in traditional Argentine Tango social dance.

He is very passionate about promoting authentic Argentine Tango and helping people
discover the beauty and joy of true Tango improvisation.

Dele has a distinct style both in his dance and his teaching.

He adopt a lively teaching style, full of energy and humour, emphasizing concepts,
focusing on improvisation, musicality and respect for the character of the different
Golden Age orchestras.

Everything he teaches is applicable to the social dance floor.