Absolute Beginners Courses Level I

The course for complete novice.

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Improver Courses Level II

The course build on Fundamental Elements Level I.

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Intermediate Courses Level III

An in depth study of Tango Figures.

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Extensive program of tailor dance workshops over the weekends.

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Taster Lesson
Taster Session

Find out if Argentine Tango is for you.

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An improvised social dance with a rich musical heritage!

BournemouthTango Course Levels

Which course is right for you?

We offer courses at a range of levels, from Absolute Beginner level for those just starting out, right
through to intermediate level including specialist short courses on demand.

The number of participants in each class is limited to a maximum of 12 in order to ensure the highest
possible quality of instruction. All our courses are well-structured with a full syllabus in a friendly,
relaxed and supportive environment.

It is not necessary to register with a partner in our 6-week course. We hope you can start your tango
journey with us and look forward to seeing you.


You can find information about all the different courses that we offer here on our website Courses
are organised into three levels . Registration can be completed online (recommended) or offline
during our class evenings.

We have taken care to ensure that the information shown on our website is as accurate as possible,
but occasionally changes need to be made. We therefore reserve the right to change or cancel any
of the courses listed, or any of the fees quoted, and to cancel courses if insufficient numbers
have enrolled.


Current/Situation Consider Course Level Progression What next
No previous dance experience/ Limited experience 6-week Beginner/Fundamentals
Course Level I
Fundamentals Course Level II BOOK NOW
Some tango dance experience
(4-6 months continuous dance experience)
6-week Beginner/Fundamentals
Course Level II
Improver course Level I BOOK NOW
Have completed Fundamentals Level I/II course with 4 months continuous dance experience. Ready to improve technique
and progress through the levels.
6-week Improver
Course Level I
Improver Level II
Skillful in the fundamentals and basic tango figures, 6-12months continuous dance experience) ready for more dynamic range of movement, figures and complex phrasing. 6-week Improve
Course Level II
Intermediate Level I BOOK NOW
Completed all levels of Fundamentals/improvers with 8-12 months continuous dance experience,ready to start Intermediate Foundation
6-week Intermediate Course Level I Intermediate Level II BOOK NOW
Have a good grasp of tango
fundamentals & technique with over 12months continuous dance experience, ready to take
on more challenging figures and
6-week Intermediate Course Level II Continuing Skill Development BOOK NOW
Boost your social dance skills/Continuing Skill Development Workshop /Specialist short courses (Technique/Milonga/Vals) Continuing Skill Development BOOK NOW


Continuing Skill Development

We also host Intensive and specialist workshops over the weekend, aimed at developing a very specific
technique or the other two genres of Argentine Tango social dance, Milonga and Vals cruzado.

  • Argentine Tango Intensive Workshops
  • Specialist Tango Workshops

Argentine Tango Intensive Workshops

These 4-5 hour intensive workshops, Our Fast track tuition, which will help Absolute Beginners to
learn the Fundamentals of Argentine Tango in a day. This is equivalent to the materials covered in
our 6-week Beginner Level course. This is a unique opportunity to learn Tango at a rapid pace.

Argentine Tango Intensive Workshops will also help recent beginners you have been dancing tango
for a while and experienced dancers to improve and develop their dance skills.

Learn to dance Argentine Tango in a small, intimate group with a maximum of 12, a single weekend.
Places are limited so do not hesitate with your reservation.

Specialist Tango Workshops

We host specialist workshops over the weekend, aimed at developing a very specific technique
or the other two genre of Argentine Tango social dance, Milonga and Vals Crusado.

More Information

If you need further information, you can contact us by telephone, text
or email and I would be happy to provide the relevant information.

Phone: 07883-540-995