Absolute Beginners Courses Level I

The course for complete novice. More Details

Improvers Courses Level II

The course build on Fundamental Elements Level I.

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Intermediate Courses Level III

An in depth study of Tango Figures

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Extensive program of tailor dance workshops over the weekends.

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Taster Lesson
Taster Session

Find out if Argentine Tango is for you.

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An improvised social dance with a rich musical heritage!

Our Philosophy

On learning Argentine tango

We believe Social Tango salon is the base for learning to dance authentic Argentine tango, it provide
structure, character and a solid foundation for the dance so that each student can discover and dance
their own style.

How We Teach Our Students

In teaching tango, we try to provide a cultural perspective by including the "codigos" (codes) or
tango dance and social etiquette.

We incorporate 3 key elements of Technique, musicality and improvisation into every lesson we
teach. Our students learn the foundation of the dance first before learning figures.

Comprehensive Curriculum

Our Comprehensive curriculum covers a variety of movements and figures ranging from basic
steps and turn patterns to elaborate sequences, combinations elements and embellishments

Our approach to learning Argentine Tango is through exploration, which Leads to discovery and
understanding. We believe that everything begins with good posture, subtle core movement and

Progressive Tuition

All dancers go through a progressive level of instruction from beginner, intermediate, and advanced
stages of navigation skill, learns to lead the basic walks before learning figures.

We strongly believe that enjoyable and fun lessons are the key to a positive Argentine Tango learning