Absolute Beginners Courses Level I

The course for complete novice. More Details

Improvers Courses Level II

The course build on Fundamental Elements Level I.

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Intermediate Courses Level III

An in depth study of Tango Figures

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Extensive program of tailor dance workshops over the weekends.

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Taster Lesson
Taster Session

Find out if Argentine Tango is for you.

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An improvised social dance with a rich musical heritage!

Our Teaching Style

We teach Argentine Tango for the social dance floor focusing on skills, movements and figures
that is suitable for dancing in a social environment.

Primary Goal

Our primary goal is to equip our students with the tools necessary to dance exceedingly well. All
our courses are progressive and focusing on the fundamentals of Argentine tango with emphasis

  • Technique
  • Improvisation
  • Musicality
  • Body Awareness
  • Connection with partner
  • Exercise
  • Floorcraft


Every step, it's speed, direction, tiiming are led and followed. All new dancers start by learning and
developing technique to create spontaneity and creativity in their dance.

There are specific movements that have evolved to effectively interpret specific musical passages.

  • Structured classes starting with a solid foundation on the fundamentals of
    Argentine Tango and technique exercises.
  • Grounding to maintain balance
  • Musicality - Connecting and interpreting the emotional content of the music,
    with steps, pauses and embellishments.


  • video Feedback (Recording is optional)
  • Improvisation
  • Musicality
  • Body Awareness

his teaching method is guided by cooperative learning amongst students, gentle elastic connection between partners, playful exploration of possibilities, and plenty of fun! Visit

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