Our Teaching Methods

Teaching Argentine Tango

Our goal at Bournemouthtango is for every student to become confident and accomplished social dance in the
shortest time possible taking into account individual ability.

We approach teaching Argentine Tango dance from a concept-based perspective. Through this conceptual
approach, students learn technique, improvisation, fluid movement, body awareness, and musicality.


Our instructors are professionally trained in the relevant dance discipline and qualified to bring
you the finest in Argentine Tango dance instruction.

We teach Argentine Tango social dance with a structured syllabus covering the essential elements of
the dance such as connection, collaboration, communication, footwork, patterns, movement, rhythm, a
nd timing.

The main focus is primarily on the fundamental Elements as the building block of Argentine Tango
dance. All our group lessons run as 6-week progressive courses on four levels.

Structured Syllabus

At Bournemouthtango, our Tango program is we offer structured syllabus and our courses in 4 core levels
with sub-levels. Students follow progressive lessons at different levels to master the concepts and skills
of Argentine Tango much faster.


Our teaching is student-driven and ensures deeper learning that explores, analyze, develop, allowing the
creation of an individual dance style. Lessons are taught and delivered by an experienced industry professional.
We teach Argentine Tango dance through the creative process of improvisation, exploration as well as watching,
and supporting others in the class.

Our approach to teaching Argentine Tango:

  • Focus primarily on Tango Fundamentals, the essential elements as a building block of the dance.
  • Lessons are structured for a deeper understanding of the overarching concepts
  • Technique is taught through concepts, demo and practice.
  • We teach Argentine Tango dance through the creative process of improvisation, exploration as
    well as watching and supporting others in the class.
  • We incorporate the following key elements early in the Tango dance learning - grace, fluid movement,
    good techniques, improvisation skills as well as Tango Floor Craft and Social Etiquette (los códigos).
  • We start each lesson with a revision of the previous week's material

Fast Track Programme

Our fast-track programme of tuition will get you to the dance floor in the shortest possible time
by taking advantage of our three lesson plans.

We offer a combination of scheduled Group classes, private lessons as well as practice sessions.

Intensive weekend workshop tuition to bypass weekly group lessons. Fast Track students will also
have the opportunity to take our weekly practice sessions if they wish to improve their dancing.

Positive Teaching Environment

We strive to create a positive environment for learning Argentine Tango. Our student-centered a
pproach to learning Argentine Tango tailors instruction to students’ unique strengths and needs.


  • Our classes are engaging, lively, and interactive.
  • Our small class size helps to meet individual learning needs of students
  • We encourage students to explore, collaborate and to take risks with teacher support.
  • Our inclusive teaching/learning practices reflect differences in age, physical and learning abilities of students.
  • Personalizing learning helps students develop skills to connect, work collaboratively, and communicating effectively.

Feedback and encouragement

We offer support for personal growth. Students are given equal opportunities to
learn and develop their dance skills.

We always recommend our students to learn Argentine Tango dancing with multiple
methods which include a mix of group, private lessons, workshops, and guided
practice sessions.

We use multimedia and different creative stimuli to encourage self-expression
and creativity. All students are supported throughout their course via audio-visual
materials and mentoring.

If you share our vision, why not join us as you take your first step on Argentine Tango journey of discovery.

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