Absolute Beginners Courses Level I

The course for complete novice. More Details

Improvers Courses Level II

The course build on Fundamental Elements Level I.

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Intermediate Courses Level III

An in depth study of Tango Figures

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Extensive program of tailor dance workshops over the weekends.

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Taster Lesson
Taster Session

Find out if Argentine Tango is for you.

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An improvised social dance with a rich musical heritage!

A Passion for Argentine Tango Social dancing

We are passionate about what we do and committed to help people discover the pleasure of dancing

What we do

We teach our students to dance improvise social Argentine Tango, the skills developed allow
them to express themselves creatively, and to construct phrases as they dance rather than
reproduce preset patterns.

All our teaching is underpinned by a solid foundation in the fundamental elements of Argentine
Tango. All students, regardless of dance experience, are encourage to take our 6-week fundamentals
course in addition to the course appropriate to their current level.

We offer regular weekly lessons in Bournemouth (four levels), Practice session (Practica,) fortnightly
and monthly milonga (tango social dance party).

  • We offer instructions, strictly on traditional Argentine Tango for the social dancing.
  • Structured and Fully comprehensive Argentine Tango Syllabus
  • Focus on Tango Fundamental Elements as a building block - Body Awareness,
    Partner connection, leading and following technique, interpretation of the music
    and navigational skills for the dance floor.
  • Exploration of movements, allowing students to move with relative ease, in very fast, or very
    slow motion and everything in between.
  • We dance purely for fun and pleasure with a fast-track tuition to the social dance floor.
  • We do not enter students for competition, no judges to impress and no medals
    to be won.

Weekly Classes

Classes are held on Sundays, Tuesdays and Saturdays. The our 6-week course dates are listed
on the series schedule.

Intensive Courses/Weekend Workshops/Dance Breaks

Learn to dance Tango intensively in an intimate and friendly environment.These weekends consist
of half,1 or 2 full days of workshops taught by our resident or guest instructors, who who are highly
respected for their progressive and excellent standard of teaching.
See our Workshop schedule.


We are based in Bournemouth, Dorset. All our classes are held in Central Bournemouth locations.